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Becky Wengreen L.MF.T.

I am a narcissist survivor. I returned to college in my mid forties to get my degrees. I understand single motherhood, divorce, trauma and the heartache of feeling alone and unimportant. Sometimes, life is hard and unfair. My decades of personal experience give me deep empathy for my clients. I found my way back to mental health and a healthy marriage through good and directive therapy. I found freedom from depression and trauma, learned to use my voice and my power and blend a family. I understand the basics of good relationships and can help empower you in finding peace by changing your circumstances.

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More about Becky

I know the patterns of a couple in crisis and help you change them. I know the darkness of betrayal by a partner. I know what it's like to feel alone. I'll assist you while blending your second-chance family. I can help you find yourself again and survived the abuse of a narcissistic partner. Healthy boundaries are a must in loving relationships!

I specialize in healing those who have suffered emotional abuse in a toxic or narcissistic relationship. I also treat anxiety, depression, betrayal trauma, marriage, mate selection, dating and re-marriage, blended/step-families, narcissism survival and individual therapy.


Currently taking new clients. Let's connect. 

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